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The phrase “God is in the details,” has been used by many designers, architects and artists over the years. We agree, but we also believe there are some surprises to be found there too. 

Many of our designs contain unexpected details that are often discovered only after the piece has been  worn. These include hidden pockets, concealed fastenings and unseen attachments.







The PIVOTAL dress, developed for the Autumn Winter ’22, is a perfect example.

It’s a piece that embodies our commitment to marry form with function in an outstandingly stylish piece which although formal in attitude, hides an amusing twist - it’s a two-piece! 







What appears to be a tailored dress is constructed in two parts: a sleeveless bodice in black technical twill and a full pleated wrap-skirt in tech satin.   

The bodice is cut like a gilet with a notched collar and revere which flares out below the waist with oversized patch pockets creating ‘panniers’ at the side. The full pleated wrap-skirt is attached to the top with buttons around the inside waist and has a band of ‘crush’ pleating around the hem.   







Of course, both garments can be worn separately; the gilet looks amazing with pants and the skirt is simply stunning with any one of our tech tops or shirts. Worn together they’ll stand out on any occasion.  

The PIVOTAL dress; super-smart in every sense ! 





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