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Inspiration comes from matter; it's almost like putting a checkered fabric under a microscope to see how the warp and weft threads are intertwined with each other. It is a riot of colors that would be unnoticeable otherwise. This is the concept that gave birth to a sophisticated palette of shades, applied on a light yarn-dyed technical taffeta.


The ability to maintain volume and its extreme lightness and flexibility have contributed to the choice of this material, a fabric that we particularly love and that has always been present in the HIGH TECH collections.


This season we see the technical taffeta protagonist of a small capsule collection called "TECH PARACHUTE" consisting not only of clothing, but also of accessories that worthily represent the versatility that every HIGH TECH material must possess.


The term "PARACHUTE" visually recalls the breadth and lightness typical of parachutes that we find perfectly in the two main items of the collection.





The word "Versatile" also becomes the key to illustrating one of the items in the capsule, the "RATIO" tunic, which can be worn as a light overcoat, as a dress or as a tunic to combine with tight-fitting trousers. The lightness of the fabric, and the curls on the bust favor an important volume that the belt at the waist helps to retain and then releasing it on the lower part. The bottom, in fact, is wide and fluffy thanks to the internal curl.


The front buttoning is the fundamental element of the versatility of this piece; left open it transforms "RATIO" into a kind of light parka look suitable for late summer and spring - let's not forget that technical taffeta is also water repellent -. With the buttoning closed it becomes a particular dress that highlights the waistline while maintaining all the functional elements of our typical HIGH TECH dress.



Volume is also the watchword for the "ECLIPSE" skirt, a new model developed on a geometric figure: the square. Square is in fact the real shape of this piece which, thanks to the lightness of the fabric, is transformed into a cascade of draperies, points and corners that move with every step.


Of course, the technical taffeta contributes to making this garment one of the most interesting of the season. Despite the study behind its development, the "ECLIPSE" skirt meets the requirements of practicality and style. The side pockets and its being completely unlined favor a comfort of daily use.


The accessories that complete the "TECH PARACHUTE" capsule collection are a multi-pocket pouch whose belt has a special buckle "stolen" from military and aeronautical technical equipment and a fisherman's hat with a built-in rear panel.





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