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ADD UP jacket & GRACEFUL dress

The HIGH Tech uses speciality high performance fabrics many of which were first made for active sports. The extensive research and development process involved in their creation has resulted in high technology textiles that are comfortable, durable, easy to move in and maintain.

We love using these extraordinary materials in unexpected ways by cutting, draping, wrapping and stitching them into feminine, flattering shapes. We then finish them with striking 'sports-style' treatments, fastenings, details and trim.

Tech-stretch jersey fabrics and in particular Sensitive® are especially adaptable and respond wonderfully to both being both draped and tailored. The result is chic, sophisticated ultra-modern clothing that puts you in a win-win situation of feeling completely at ease while looking your best.

This season, two styles really embody this concept of combining couture level design with sportswear material: the "ADD UP" jacket and the "GRACEFUL" dress..

ADD UP" jacket is designed and made with an ergonomic, multi-seam, multi-panel construction.

It's also bi-material, mixing Milano stitch technical jersey with honeycomb mesh jersey. These compact and super stretch fabrics are perfect for making such complex piece

The style is also extremely flattering. The lightly padded shoulders and gently flaring peplum hem really accentuate the waist. It's a perfect example of ultra-feminine HIGH TECH tailoring.

The "GRACEFUL" dress, is made in one of the newest tech fabrics of the season, a fresh and light yarn dyed check, in which the weave has a raised texture with slightly iridescent appearance.

This style is also is tailored in construction, with a fitted and shaped bodice that flares out from the below the waist into full multi-panel draped skirt.

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Discover the product

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