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“Future perspectives for urban-rural relationships include options for mutual exchange, where cities provide services, cultural activities, infrastructures and major access to the labour market, while rural areas provide leisure potential and green living spaces.“
European Spatial Planning Observation Network- Project 1.1.2

Climate change now puts environmental issues at the top of the agenda, making it clear that we are all connected irrespective of geography.
The metropolis can no longer exist in isolation from the natural world and communication technology now connects even the most remote areas with densely inhabited ones.

Distinctions between town and country are breaking down. Big cities, once the epitome of modernity and sophistication are no longer automatically the most desirable places to be. Conversely, unspoiled countryside is becoming the destination of choice for a new kind of lifestyle.

In clothing terms this means a further blurring of boundaries, more exchange between formal dress, city workwear, leisure clothing and sportswear. The athleisure category expands further.

There is also a breakdown of the seasons. Erratic changes in climate means that there is an increasing need for flexible, multi-purpose clothing that adapt quickly and easily on demand. Clothing construction is now more crucial than ever as disposable fashion becomes increasingly unacceptable.


In HIGH SS 2020 All the collections share an organic-technical crossover and there is even greater integration between formal and casual pieces.

In HIGH TECH 2020 the return of the shoulder pad gives new structure to the super-light summer tailoring and there is an increased concern with environmentally sensitive fabric production.


In HIGH BLUE 2020 natural fabrics become the vehicle for the latest environmentally sensitive manufacturing processes.


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