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Emptiness is eternal, open, a void that is nothing but dynamic potential. Read more...


Autumn Winter 2018 Backstage Film by Howard Sooley. Watch the film...

Autumn Winter 2018 Backstage Film

The way we dress is a balance of self-expression and role-play, a decision whether to conceal or reveal, to disguise or disclose. Read more...


The colour white is a paradox. White light contains every colour yet it is achromatic. 
Our relationship with it is equally contradictory...

The colour white is a paradox

In an industry often accused of being youth obsessed, there is one man who demonstrates that nothing, but NOTHING beats experience; you name a fashion trend, Sergio Codovilli has been there, done that and got the t-shirt
- in fact he probably cut the pattern.

Being Sergio: tailoring talent passion for agricultural tradition

HIGH KNIT and HIGH USE Spring Summer 2018 are photographed on location at Villa Margherita on Favignana island, Sicily.
Discover the “Giardino dell’Impossibile”…

HIGH DRAMA, creating the impossible

Basket weaving is one of the oldest technologies in the history of human civilization,
HIGH becomes part of the story….

Weaving tales

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