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Discover the special atmosphere of the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall,

location of our Spring Summer 2019 Campaign

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

The new Spring Summer 2019 collection arrives full of surprises. Read more...

Spring Summer 2019

Anni Albers revolutionised both the technical and aesthetic aspects of weaving. She has been a source of inspiration for artists and designers ever since. Read more...

Anni Albers, weaving spells

As artists, designers and social analysts explore the concept of non-binary gender, the discussion
is continued by writers, bloggers and stylists in editorials and Internet posts. 
Discover more about A•Gender...


Water inspires us; the way it looks, sounds and feels, whether playing in it, walking next to it, or creating memories along its edge.
Discover the Kalvebod Wave, the location for HIGH TECH aw18...

Water of Life

Space is essential for work, both as a state of mind and as a location. Read more...

The space between

The atmosphere of the HIGH KNIT collection is captured in a short film by Howard Sooley. Read more...

HIGH KNIT, The film

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