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HIGH was founded in 2007 by Claire Campbell out of a passionate desire to create high quality clothes that are useful, beautiful, and desirable.

HIGH presents visibly different, intelligently designed garments which are the result of a very particular process. HIGH signature styles were developed by building the first prototypes entirely by hand, a process that became known as ‘Everyday Couture’.

Designed for independent, confident, smart people, HIGH embodies an eclectic aesthetic which is perfect for the contemporary and creative professional.

All the HIGH collections are made and distributed in Italy by INTERFASHION spa with its extraordinary heritage of manufacturing skill and artisanal know-how.

Each HIGH collection is comprised of three very distinct subsidiary collections, each with its own label.

The HIGH label is used for items made using the highest production values with the most precious fabrics and intricate details. These ingeniously constructed pieces are made in unexpected combinations of the finest quality materials. They are finished with embroidered edges, lace borders, layered hems, contrast bindings and linings, their femininity being often amplified by masculine references.

The HIGH USE label is used for more robust and casual clothing inspired by workwear and uniform and is where traditional craftsmanship meets new technology. The collection is made primarily of natural fabrics, including denim and incorporates the latest fabric treatments, washes and artisanal finishes.

The HIGH TECH label collection comprises of an amalgamation of city and leisure in which clothing with distinctive HIGH-style is made from high performance, low maintenance fabrics originating from active sports.
These easy-wash, easy-wear pieces are the result of continual research into cutting edge fabric technology and manufacture. HIGH TECH embraces the modernist belief that design, and technology can change life for the better.

A-GENDER label pieces are found throughout all the collections and are consciously designed to be gender-free and to transcend conventional categories of 'menswear' and 'womenswear'.

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