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Autumn Winter 2019


A collection with the highest production values,
the most precious fabrics and sophisticated details.
Modern luxury for independent, confident
and creative professionals

High use

A collection built on the principle of beauty in utility.
Workwear and Uniform where craftsmanship meets
new technology. Practical, Useful, Natural, Playful

High knit

Natural yarns are combined with advanced synthetics to create modern knitwear in bold shapes with the innovative use of knitting, stretch woven cloth and jersey

High tech

High quality clothing with distinctive couture level design in high performance, low maintenance fabrics originating from active sports

High blue

Natural fabrics and denim in every shade of blue.
A collection using the latest fabric treatments and
artisanal finishes that evolve through time and use

High man

Modern menswear influenced by Workwear, Uniform
and Team Sports. High performance outerwear
streamlined for urban use.
Sportswear made multi-purpose

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