However on-trend “tie-dye” might be - the technique is centuries old, dating back to 6th Century India, when craftspeople tied-up cloth with threads before dyeing, sometime repeating the process several times, to make beautiful, intricate patterns.​

It was adopted by the hippie counterculture of the 1960’s, becoming the ‘unofficial symbol of chill’ because the uniqueness of the patterns perfectly represented non-conformity and freedom from the establishment.

For the spring summer 22 collection, we've created a denim skirt that uses the tie- dye technique in a clever new way. ​

By using the process in sections down the skirt from basque to hem, we've created a visual effect reminiscent of a paysanne-style skirt with layers of inset ruffles or ribbons. We've added to the effect with a tie-belt in sunshine yellow cotton webbing.

The treatment, shown in the video, is completely handmade on each garment and, as required by the traditional process, the skirt - made out of dark blue denim - undergoes a multiple binding and several washes that fades the colour creating an alternating chromatic effect.

The result is a perfect combination of individuality, practicality and sheer summer-of-love romanticism. It's beautiful, useful...and irresistible.


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