This new spring jacket, designed to be both practical and stylish, has a slightly rounded front hem and is cut longer at the back.

It's comfortable to wear with full 3/4 raglan sleeves, deep plunge pockets and a softy constructed collar that can also be worn turned up. The front is fastened with real bone buttons. Darts into the neckline created a sunburst pattern that extends down to the hem and is emphasised at the back to create a decorative pattern.

The" utility" aspect of the fabric is created by the inter-weaving of different types of cotton and hemp yarn. Fine hemp yarns are used in conjunction with thicker cotton versions to create an irregular chiaroscuro effect. The fabric has a slightly wrinkled finish, which enhances its colour and texture.

The jacket is designed so that is can also be worn inside-out to reveal the construction with two different fabrics used in alternating ways to create a deconstructed "patchwork" effect.

The centre-back and front facings are in ecru cotton and the sleeves are lined with fine yarn-dyed stripes. All the inside seams are bound and when revealed create a decorative effect



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