Spring Summer 2022 Campaign

HIGH draws inspiration from around the globe but there are a few places to which we always return: The Far East, Northern Europe ( Britain in particular ) and Scandinavia.

The Spring Summer 2022 Collection takes different cultural references and mixes them up to create a “Grand Tour” of fabrics, prints, colours and silhouettes.

There are three main stories in the collection, each with its own distinct aesthetic.


This is a colour story of black, ivory, pale pink and lacquer red with “hand-painted” florals in black on linen and cotton. There is a multi-colour “japonaise” floral on technical Jersey and an Aubrey Beardsley inspired oriental pattern on technical satin. Many of these pieces are made using a combination of classical western tailoring and flat-cut, folded and draped “origami” oriental style construction, in linen, silk and lightweight wool.


"There is no blue without yellow…” - Vincent Van Gogh

Actually, this is true, sun appears yellow yet it’s the source of blue light, hence blue sky.

In Scandinavia during the summer months, the sun stays just below the horizon for hours and the sunlight's blue wavelengths dominate, so called "blue hour" seems endless...

People travel from all over the world to experience this blue light.

In this story, shades of blue and yellow are used in combination with classical design elements and rustic fabrics like florals, ticking stripe and gingham check. These patterns have long been integral to the HIGH aesthetic and appear throughout this collection on natural and tech fabric along with country florals and blue/white “handkerchief” print.


For the High Summer story “Magic Lotus” we travel to the tropics and looks to the lotus flower, an exotic symbol of spirituality, sensuality and strength.

Regarded in many cultures as a symbol of enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth, even when its roots are in the dirtiest waters, the lotus plant produces the most beautiful flower. Each colour carries a different meaning: pink and red signifies heat and passion - which are perfect for a summer collection.

Bright pink, orange, yellow and aqua blue are used for our famous tech-stretch “sensitive” jersey dresses with draped, wrapped, multi-panel skirts that could be seen to resemble the folds and “petals” of a lotus flower. The fact that sensitive fabric was first developed for swimwear is pure serendipity!

Also in the high summer delivery there are bright abstract and botanical floral prints on woven and cotton knit, and embroidered ramie. Other highlights are a multi-colour abstract “camouflage” in pink/red/orange/aqua and a technical georgette in bright multicolour “splash” print.​



Una collezione con i più alti valori di produzione,
i tessuti più preziosi e dettagli sofisticati.
Lusso moderno per professionisti indipendenti, fiduciosi e creativi

High Use

Una collezione basata sul principio di bellezza nell'utilità. Workwear e Uniformi, dove l'artigianalità incontra la nuova tecnologia.
Pratico, utile, naturale, giocoso.

High Tech

Abbigliamento di alta qualità con un design distintivo e sartoriale realizzato in tessuti ad alte prestazioni e bassa manutenzione provenienti dal mondo sportivo

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