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For the Autumn Winter HIGH BLUE campaign, we went to the east end of London, to a remarkable location that perfectly suited the aesthetics of the collection; a converted lightship, now moored at Trinity Buoy Wharf.

In service right up until 2003, the Lightship 95 spent most of her life marking the South Goodwin Sands, part of a series of sandbanks in the English Channel that over the centuries has claimed hundreds of ships and thousands of lives.

Light Vessels were used as a floating warning to mariners nearing sand banks or shipwrecks. Where other ships would alter course or stay in harbour during bad weather Lightships were left to face anything with no choice but to remain at anchor.
As a result they were heavily built to high and exacting standards and maintained without regard for cost. The Lightships were the last riveted steel vessels to be made in the UK, beautifully and painstakingly constructed.

In any ship the law of physics determines the design, the Lightship is the perfect example of something built for purpose. HIGH blue is a collection centred around the principles of work-wear and uniform and like the ship, everything is designed and made for active life and use. As in the ship, all the details need to work, there are storage pockets, safety closures and re-enforcements where required.

In both the ship and HIGH BLUE construction is integral to the appearance; rivets, seams, plates, buttons, bolts are all instantly identifiable and give unmistakable character. This character is further increased by the patina of use and time; mends, patches, worn edges, torn holes, dirt and rust.

As such it was the perfect location for the shoot.

Since being decommissioned, LV95 has been converted into a professional recording studio run by Soup Studio.

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