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Ramie cloth has a very distinguished history.

Despite it’s other, rather uncomfortable sounding name, Chinese Nettle (in fact although the plant looks similar to the European nettle, it doesn’t sting), Ramie has been used since pre-historic times for making fabric. It has been cultivated throughout China, India and Indonesia for over five thousand years, making it an older crop than cotton.

Ramie fiber is white, lustrous and looks like silk, but without any elasticity. Extremely absorbent, ramie fabric breathes well in warm and humid conditions. It behaves like linen, but because the plant was more difficult than flax to process, it became more expensive to produce.

Recent improvements in fiber processing technology and a renewed interest in natural materials for clothing has brought ramie back into wider use. It is a highly sustainable fibre source, which makes it extremely eco-friendly.

Ramie has been an important part of HIGH collections for many years, particularly in the spring summer seasons. Often embellished with embroidery, HIGH also uses ramie as a beautiful vehicle for colour.

This Summer you can find a “Poncho” style tunic-dress made from a single square of ramie with pointelle stitching, thread work and floral embroidery.

There is a ramie sleeveless shirt with embroidered panels and pin-tucks running down to hem and a shirt jacket in ramie with lace collar and front with pleats, tucks and embroidery.
One of the most romantic pieces in the whole collection is a sleeveless dress in ramie with floral embroidery around the neck, down the front and on a very full hem.

If you have never worn ramie before, now is the perfect time.

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