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Although Tapestries are made by many artisans working together, the contributions of separate workers are not immediately visible in the finished work.

The HIGH Autumn Winter 2019 collection is like a magic tapestry of colours, textures and techniques. There are all manner of visual tricks and tromp l’oeil effects. The joins are invisible; it is all about perception, illusion and association.

In HIGH USE, cloth becomes a blank canvas for artisanal hand treatments and the latest technological processes. Fabrics are overprinted, painted, stamped, stencilled, and sprayed.

In HIGH BLUE denims are brushed, washed, lacquered, faded, torn and mended to fast track the patina of time and use and to encourage you to continue the process.

HIGH KNIT takes inspiration from artwork to creating colourful images on wool sweaters, which are combined with both visual and textural pattern.
The collection continues to mix different materials and types of yarn and to play with volume and shape in wide leg skirt-pants, handkerchief hem skirts and jackets with draped collars.

The HIGH collection combines formal and office wear with long virgin wool coats and sleek silhouettes. Tailoring is now a must-have.
Standout shapes include the trapeze shaped jacket and coat, the pinstripe skirt-pant and the draped double hem skirt.

To compliment the new tailoring, the classic white shirt has been reinvented with tassels, ruffles and lace details.

Throughout the collection, edges are blurred as one clothing category blends into another. Some pieces are literally created to be at “cross-purposes”; designed to be worn in many different ways.

…The possibilities are endless…

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